HZ-7039T Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Hotline Method

HZ-7039T thermal conductivity tester uses the transient hotline method to mainly measures the liquid thermal conductivity.It has the characteristics of fast measurement speed, small sample size, high precision, high resolution, and high recovery.Automatic measurement is performed by the computer control.It is widely used for measuring the thermal conductivity of working plasma fluid in petroleum, chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, energy, power engineering and other fields.

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Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Hotline Method
Main Technical parameters:

1Measuring range: 0.001~5.0 W(m·K)

2Temperature range: standard detection: room temperature, (the thermal conductivity at different temperatures of the detection sample needs a temperature controller, the cost is additional, such as-20- -120),

3Measurement accuracy<±3.0 %

4Sample dosage<80ml

5Measure Time10 seconds

6Pressure environment: optional vacuum or pressure system (cost otherwise)

7Reference standard: Test method for the thermal conductivity of the ASTM D2717-95 liquid

8Sample shape: liquid state; gas state,

9Power supply: Voltage 220V; frequency 50Hz; power <500W,

10Communication interface: USB interface.

Instrument configuration: including 1 HZ-7039T test host, 1 set of test probe, 2 glass test tubes, 1 set of test software, 1 set of communication interface and data cable, 1 desktop computer (configured according to the contract).

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