HZ-7039Y Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Hotline Method

HZ-7039Y instrument uses a single hotline sensor to measure powder, solid block materials, especially low thermal insulation materials.Hot wire is both a heating element and a temperature measuring element.This sensor is characterized by the hotline posted on the thermal insulation material, because the hotline is very small, so it is more suitable for measuring light quality, low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity materials.But the hotline is naked wire, and the conductive material can not be directly detected.

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Description of selection:

DRE-2T mainly measure the liquid, gas,

DRE-2U mainly measures liquid, powder and other loose materials,

DRE-2V mainly measure the solid state of bulk, bulk material, colloid,

DRE-2W mainly measures the bulk and loose material.

DRE-2X mainly measures powder, solid bulk material.

DRE-2Y mainly measures low thermal conductivity materials.

Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Hotline Method
Main Features:

1.Easy to operation, fast test speed, accurate measurement,
2.Especially suitable for field measurements,
3.Automation test software,easy operation
4.The temperature of the sample can test the thermal conductivity of the sample at different temperatures.
Main Technical  indicators:
1Thermal conductivity range:0.0010—2.0W/mk
2Test temperature range: -40℃100℃
3Test accuracy:≤±3%;
4Probe type: single hotline;
5Probe parameters:Φ0.06×100mm(Platinum gold wire)
6Measurement time: 10-600 seconds;
7Sample type: powder, solid bulk material, suitable for the detection of low thermal conductivity materials.
8Sample Size:≥114×80×40mm  
9Reference standard: GB / T10297-2015 Determination of thermal conductivity of non-metallic solid materials (hotline method);
10Power Supply: Voltage:220V,Power:≤200W
Instrument configuration: including a HZ-7039Y test host, a test probe, a set of test software, a set of communication interface and data cable, a Lenovo desktop computer (configured according to the contract).

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