HZ-7039Z Thermal Diffusion Coefficient Tester

The instrument is designed and manufactured according to JGT 469-2015 (thermal diffusion coefficient of foam glass).Instrument data acquisition and processing, display and printing output are realized using computer interface operation.
The instrument uses cooling method to determine the thermal diffusion coefficient of materials, widely used in production enterprises, quality inspection departments, universities, research institutes and other scientific research institutes.

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Thermal Diffusion Coefficient Tester
Main technical indicators

1Thermal diffusion coefficient range:0.01-5(mm2/S);


3Sample size:(φ48.0±0.5)×(75.0±0.5mm

4Test head usage temperature range:-40120, temperature resolution 0.01

5Thermostat:room temperature150℃,temperature fluctuation≤±1.

6Thermostatic water bath0.00-80.00(℃),temperature fluctuation≤±0.5.

7Instrument is connected to the computer for fully automatic data processing.

8Instrument power supply:220V/50Hz.
Working principle
After the sample temperature is increased by a certain temperature (higher than the cooling temperature) and uniformly stabilized, the thermal diffusion coefficient of the sample is calculated by the cooling rate of the sample in a stable cooling temperature.
Product supporting
1A test host;
2A thermostat (configured according to the contract);
3A constant temperature water tank (configured according to the contract);
4A insulation water storage tank;
5A set computer (configured by contract)

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