HZ-7040A Hollow Glass Heat Transfer Coefficient Tester

The instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB / T 10295-2008 (determination of steady state thermal resistance and related characteristics-heat flowmeter).Measurement and control are computer controlled to achieve the fully automatic instrument measurement.
The instrument is mainly used for the test of the heat transfer coefficient U (K) value of hollow glass, and can also be used for the thermal conductivity test of other thermal insulation materials.

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Main technical indicators

1Heat transfer coefficient U (K) value range:0.5-20W/m2K,Test accuracy:<5
2Thermal conductivity range:0.005-0.2W/mkTest accuracy:<5
3Sample size:≥600mm×600mm×(5-50mm
4Thermal surface temperature range:room temperature +10℃——90
5Cold surface temperature range:5℃——60
6Pressure control:0-1000N
7Computer fully automatic test control.
8Instrument power supply:220V/50Hz,Power consumption is less than 2KW.
Working principle
Under steady-state conditions, a homogeneous heat current density within a homogeneous specimen with parallel surfaces is established similar to the one-dimensional density present in infinite plates bounded by two planes with uniform parallel temperatures.The heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity of the sample can be calculated by measuring the heat surface temperature and heat flow density.
Hollow Glass Heat Transfer Coefficient Tester is composed of cold plate assembly, electric pressure supply device, heat plate assembly (including calorimeter, internal heat protection and external heat protection part), data acquisition and control system and computer measurement and control system.The sample is placed between the hot and cold plates, and the electric pressure device is used to press the sample. The cold plate constant temperature system and the hot plate temperature control system provide the stable temperature difference between both sides of the sample. The heat flow meter on the heater measures the heat flow density through the sample, and then calculates the heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity of the sample.
Configuration: including one HZ-7040A heat transfer coefficient test host, one set of software, one high-precision constant temperature sink, one desktop computer (configured according to the contract).

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