HZ-7040C Thermal Conductivity Tester Double Heat Protection Plate Method

The instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB / T 10294-2008 / ISO 8302:1991 (determination of steady state thermal resistance and related properties of thermal insulation materials-protective thermal plate method), GB / T3399-82 plastic thermal conductivity test method.All measurement and control are controlled by computer to reduce human error and improve the test accuracy.The computer interface to achieve automatic control, data acquisition and processing, as well as thermal conductivity calculation, display and print output, short measurement time, fast speed, accurate data, high degree of automation.

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Thermal Conductivity Tester Double Heat Protection Plate Method mainly tests plastic, fiber, foam, insulation materials, concrete, refractory materials and other plate materials, coupled with the sample box can detect powder materials and paste materials, widely used in heat resistance and insulation materials production enterprises, quality inspection departments, universities and research institutes and other scientific research units.

Main technical  indicators

1Thermal conductivity range:0.00103.000W/mk
2Test accuracy:<3%,repeatability error<1%;
3Sample sizeDouble test pieces 300×300×(10-50)mm
4Thermal surface temperature range: room temperature 99.99℃,temperature resolution 0.01℃;
5Temperature resolution060(or -560)temperature resolution 0.01℃;
6Thermal power supply:voltage 36Vtemperature resolution 0.1mVelectric current 3A, temperature resolution 0.1mA
7Computer control of the fully automatic test, and with the fully automatic verification function;
8The sample pressure is adjustable with constant pressure device, adjust the commissioning pressure through the manual pressure nut;
9Voltage:220V50HZPower about 1KW.
10Working condition ambient temperature 10°~35℃,② relative humidity80%RH.
Instrument configuration: including one HZ-7040C double tablet test host, one set of software, one high-precision constant temperature sink, the buyer provides its own computer and printer.

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