HZ-9701C Dynamic Belt Drive Balancing Machine

 Dynamic Belt Drive Balancing Machine, which adopts ring-belt transmission to ensure the balance quality and accuracy of the workpiece. The ring-belt transmission is convenient to load and unload, and the work efficiency is high. It is widely used in the balance correction of rotating body workpieces.
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Customized High quality Belt Drive Balancing Machine Manufacturers (lyxyantech.com) is mainly a hard-bearing balancing machine that combines high-precision mechanical parts and advanced electrical parts into one. This series of products is one of the universal horizontal belt drive balancing machines developed, designed and manufactured by our company based on the core technology at home and abroad. , Is currently an internationally advanced model, applied to various rotating workpieces, such as: large and medium-sized motors, turbocharger rotors, machine tool spindles, crankshafts, water pump rotors, rubber rollers, drums, paper machinery and other industries.
Dynamic Belt Drive Balancing Machine adopts a belt transmission device, which has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, convenient operation, intuitive display, rapid measurement, stable performance, and the use of frequency conversion speed regulation device to control the speed.
The electromechanical measurement system can be equipped with a microcomputer digital display measurement system or a computer measurement system.

An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary. The balancing machine is to check the dynamic balance of the rotor in the rotating state. The function of dynamic balance is:
● Improve the quality of the rotor and its components
● Reduce noise
● Reduce vibration
● Improve the trial life of supporting parts (bearings)
● Reduce user discomfort
● Reduce the power consumption of the product

Technical Parameters

Model HZ-9701C-1000 HZ-9701C-2000 HZ-9701C-3000 HZ-9701C-5000
Max Mass of Workpiece(kg) 1000 2000 3000 5000
Max Diameter of Workpiece Ø1500mm/Ø1600mm Ø1600mm Ø2100mm Ø2100mm
Distance Between Two Support Bearings (mm) 100-1800 ( machine length 2m) 140-3800 ( machine length 4m)
V-Shape Journal Diameter Scope of Workpiece (mm) Ø10 Ø200 ( Equip SKF bearing) Ø15Ø120 ,Ø120Ø240( Equip SKF bearing,with two pairs of rollers)
Diameter Scope of Driving Belt (mm) Ø30Ø600 Ø 30Ø 800 Ø 50Ø 1000
Balance speed (r/min) (when dragging workpiece diameter Ø100) 1900 3800 1180
Motor Power kw 4 (Inverter motor) 7.5 (Invertermotor) 15(Inverter motor)
The smallest achievable residual unbalance (g.mm/min) emar0.5
Unbalance reduction rate (%) URR95%
Measuring system Microcomputer digital electrical measurement system
 (optional computer measurement system)
Note:  The technical parameters of the above series of balancing machines are for reference only. The specific parameters and quotations need to be determined according to the actual situation of the rotor of the user's workpiece, and can also be customized.

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