Leather Friction Decolorization Tester HZ-3017A

Using white cotton which is dry or wet rolled the surface of abrasive hammer in this machine to test the dyeing fabric and dyeing leather. and then reciprocating friction the specimens 10 times within 10 seconds, can be assessed the grade of dyeing fastness.
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Corresponding standard:

Applicable industry:
Leather Friction Decolorization Tester is applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, luggage handbag industry, research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.

Technical parameters:
      Model: HZ-3017
      Specimen Size: 140 × 50mm
      Load weight: 900g × 1
      Friction speed: 60 times per minute,
      Friction distance: 100mm
      Frictional hammer Diameter: ψ16mm
      Counter: mechanical or preset-type (optional )
      Machine Size: about 60 × 20 × 30cm
      Machine Weight: about 15kg


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