Leather Water Permeability Test Machine HZ-3004A

This machine is designed to test the upper and upper layers of shoes with leather and lining, resistant to water vapor permeation. In order to comply with various test specifications, it is required to test at a temperature of 20°C and a relative humidity of 65% H.R. After a certain period of time, the gas permeability was calculated.
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Leather Water Permeability Test Machine applicable to the footwear industry, clothing industry, luggage and handbags industry, scientific research laboratories; commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision departments, etc.

QBT 1811-1993 Leather permeable gas test method

Technical parameters:
Model HZ-3004A
Inner size 40×50×50cm (W×H×D)
Temperature range 20 ~ +100, adjustable
Temperature fluctuation ±1
Temperature uniformity ±2
Humidity range 30%~90%R.H
Humidity control stability ±2.5%R.H
Heating time About 2.0/min
Cooling time About 1.0/min
Number of cups 6
Test stand speed 75+5r/min
Bottle diameter Diameter: 30mm
Fan Trefoil speed: 1400+100r/min
Die Diameter: 34mm
Cooling system France “Tecumseh”
Desiccant Customer self-contained

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