LED Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

LED Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber is main use to test LED high temperature and high humidity,Room temperature life test,High temperature life test,Low temperature life test etc,chamber temperature could be -70°C~150°C,humidity range 20%~98%, optional.
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LED Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Test Method
Target: LED lamps (including finished lamps with LED Driver)
Test Steps:
1)Place 5 LED lamps in a constant temperature and humidity box, with the temperature set at 45 degrees and the humidity set at 95%;
2)Switch on the power for 48 hours according to the rated input voltage of LED lamps (there is a 50mm test hole on the side of the box, through which the external power can be connected)
3)48 hours later, take out the sample, wipe off the water droplets on the surface, and put it under normal atmospheric pressure and normal temperature for 2 hours to check whether the lamp is damaged
Test Requirements:
1. Appearance free from rust, crack or other mechanical damage;
2. Lamps and lanterns shall not be electric leakage, lighting does not work, and other electrical anomalies.

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Touch Screen Controller

Technical Specification

Model HZ-80
Inside size W*H*D(cm) 40x50x40 50x60x50 50x75x60 60x85x80 80x95x80 100x100x80 100x100x100
Outside size W*H*D(cm) 90x136x94 100x146x104 100x161x117 110x171x137 130x181x137 150x186x137 150x186x157
Temperature Range -70℃~+100℃(150℃)  (A:+25℃ B:0℃ C:-20℃ D:-40℃ E:-50℃ F:-60℃ G:-70℃)
Humidity Range 20%~98%R.H.(10%-98%R.H/5%~98%R.H is the specific condition
Accuracy/ Uniformly ±0.1℃±0.1%R.H./ ±1.0℃±3.0%R.H.
Accuracy / Volatility ±1.0℃±2.0%R.H./ ±0.5℃±2.0%R.H.
Heating / Cooling Time About 4.0℃/minabout 1.0℃/min5~10℃/mm is the specific condition
Inside Material Stainless steel SUS 304#
Insulation Material High-temperature high-density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation materials,
Cooling System Air-cooled/ single-stage compressor(-20℃) ,wind, water cooled/two-stage compressor(-40℃~-70℃)
Protection Compressor overload switch, high and low pressure protection switch, over-humidity-temperature protection switches, fuses, warning system
Accessories Recorder(purchase)view window50mm testing holePL lampclapboardDry and wet gauze ball
Controller TEMI880 touch screen controller from South Korea,Weilun from Taiwan
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