Low-temperature Brittleness Test Chamber HZ-7004

Low-temperature Brittleness Test Chamber HZ-7004 is the highest temperature when the vulcanized rubber is damaged by the impact under the specified conditions, which is the brittle temperature, which can be used for non-hard plastics and other elastic materials under low temperature conditions.
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Equipment structure:
Low-temperature Brittleness Test Chamber HZ-7004 consists of a workbench, a lifting clamp, an impact device, a low temperature thermometer, a cold well containing a freezing medium, and a compressor.
Equipment principle:
Low-temperature Brittleness Test Chamber HZ-7004 pushes the gripper through the main cylinder to make the sample into the freezing medium, and after holding for a certain time, lifts the gripper, then the subcylinder controls the impact process, observes the damage degree of the sample, and determines at least two through trial and error. The lowest temperature at which the sample is not destroyed and the highest temperature at which at least one sample is destroyed. If the difference between the two results is not more than 1 ° C, the test is completed.

Corresponding standard:
GB1682-82, ISO812.
Technical parameter:

Model HZ-7004
Test temperature -70°C - RT
Impact speed 2m/s ±0.2m/s
temperature fluctuation <±0.5Centigrade
distance between the center of impactor to the bottom of gripper 11±0.5mm
Inner size(L*W*H 300*250*400mm
Outside size 1100*800*800mm
Power 1100W
Cooling system French  “Tecumseh”  compressor
Freezing medium industrial alcohol


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