Luggage Abrasion Test Machine HZ-1103

Luggage Abrasion Test Machine used to test  luggage  with a wheeled, such as suitcases, traveling bags, wheels, axle road pilot, it can test the wear-resistance of wheel and the overall structure of luggage, check its destruction or not, test results, could be used for improving the product quality.
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Corresponding Standard
Luggage Abrasion Test Machine in line with SAMSONITE standards of United States
Applicable Industries
Applicable to all kinds of luggage manufacturers, according to test results to improve product quality
Technical Parameter

Model  HZ-1103
Test speed  0 to 5km/hr adjustable
Time set  0 to 999.9H
Support funcion The machine  will be automatically stop if the specimen dropped half-way.
Bump plate 5mm/8 pcs
Belt perimeter 380cm
Belt width 76cm
Accessories luggage fixed seat (can adjust )
Machine size 220x180x160cm
Weight 360KG

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