Luggage Rod Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine HZ-1102

Luggage Rod Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine special for suitcase rob Reciprocating fatigue testing machine. In the machine, the specimen will be stretched and so the Clearance, loose, connecting rod failure, deformation of rob can be test.
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Meet Standard
Luggage Rod Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine meets the American SAMSONITE standard.

Apply Industry
This machine is suitable for manufacturers of suitcase to improve products’ quality according to the testing result.

Technologic Parameter

Model HZ-1102
Test Displacement 20~100cm adjustable
Test Location 4 points sensor location convenient for adjusting the control range of suitcase’ rob length and pull-push.
Tensile Speed 0~30cm/sec adjustable
Pressure Speed 0~30cm/sec adjustable
Test Time 1~999999,automatically stop
Test Power Cylinders
Specimen Height Most height 200cm
Auxiliary Equipment
Bag clip seat, rear seat and sit around the folder size can be adjusted freely according to box. Flexible operation.
Usage Pressure 5~8KG/cm2
Machine Size 120×120×210cm
Machine Weight 150kg
Electric Power 1Ø、220V/50HZ

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