Luggage Roll and Drop Test Machine HZ-1104

Luggage Roll and Drop Test Machine is that test the damage when the suitcase,luggage or other boxes are suffered the fall, impact, roll during transport, and then to check damaged condition of suitcase.
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Corresponding Standard
SAMSONITE of United States

Testing Method
Its testing method is put the luggage into machine and  then roll and impact the luggage reach a certain numbers, observe suitcase and inspect its inside goods, as a basis for product improvement.

Applicable Industries
Luggage Roll and Drop Test Machine applied to all kinds of bag manufacturers,which to improve products quality according to test results

Technical Parameter:

Model HZ-1104
Roller Diameter and Deep Φ72 in; deep :48 in
Speed of Roller 1.62 r.m.p
Obstacle Size 60 degree and 3 group obstacle
Specimen Size ( Max ) 100×70×40 cm
Counter LCD display, 0 ~ 99,999,999 (can set)
Volume   240×210×235 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 3860 kg
Power 3∮, AC 380V (according to other country)

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