Mooney Viscometer HZ-7001B

HZ-7001B Mooney Viscometer viscosity for rubber vulcanization index determination. Sample in a certain temperature and pressure, the rotor to a certain degree of rotation torque on the sample to a certain degree of shear stress, measure out the rubber anti-shear torque. Is reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and cable industry indispensable instrument.

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Meet the standards:
1. GB 9869-1997 Determination of vulcanization properties of rubber compounds (disk oscillation sulfide meter method)
Determination of Mooney viscosity of unvulcanized rubber
2. GB / T 1233 - 92 Determination of initial vulcanized rubber compounds (Mooney viscometer method)
Rubber - Method for the determination of vulcanization properties of rubber compounds by disc oscillation vulcanization apparatus
Technical specification of rubber garden swing vulcanizer
3. HG / T 3242 rubber Mooney viscometer technical conditions
Rubber - Determination of vulcanizability using a rotorless vulcanizing apparatus
4. ISO 6502: 1991 (E) Rubber - Determination of vulcanizability using a rotorless vulcanizer
5. ASTM D5289-93 (a) Standard Test Method for Rubber Properties - Determination of Vulcanization Properties by a Rotorless Vulcanizer
6. ISO 289-1 (1994) Unvulcanized rubber - Determination with a shear disc viscometer 

Applicable industry:

HZ-7001B Mooney Viscometer widely used in the measurement of quality inspection; rubber research; automotive manufacturing; wire and cable; medical equipment; civil aviation; institutions of higher learning; research laboratories; technical supervision departments; petrochemical; tire production; other industries.

Technical parameter: 

 Model  HZ-7001B Mooney Viscometer
 Control temperature range  Normal temperature~200°C
 Temperature display resolution   0.01°C (0.1°C common type of imported temperature controller temperature) 
 Temperature control accuracy  ±0.3°C
 Calibration accuracy  Mooney value ±0.5
 Rotor speed  2 rotation/ min ±0.02rotation/ min
 Torque range  Mooney value 0200
 Torque resolution  Mooney value 0.1
 Print content  Date, time, temperature, Mooney scorch curve and
 Power  50HZ, 220V±10

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