Electronic Components Thermal Shock Test Chamber HZ-2012A
Electronic Components Thermal Shock Test Chamber HZ-2012A
Electronic Components Thermal Shock Test Chamber HZ-2012A

Electronic Components Thermal Shock Test Chamber HZ-2012A

Two Boxes water-cooled Thermal Shock Test Chamber for electronic components used to test the change of material under extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature environment that continue alternation in the shortest time, Testing the chemical changes or physical damage of material caused by the thermal expansion and contraction.
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2-Zones Thermal Shock Chamber Description:
Thermal shock test chamber is for electrical and electronic components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, metals, chemical materials and plastics industries, defense, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB base plate, electronic chip, IC, semiconductor ceramic and high-Changes in the physical sacrifice of molecular materials, test the material on the high and low tension and products arrived repeated thermal expansion and contraction of output in the chemical changes or physical injury, to confirm the quality of products, from the precision of the IC component to heavy machinery, and both need it the ideal test tool.

Main features:
1. Large color LCD touch interactive microcomputer control system, easy to understand, running at a glance;
2. Closed imported compressor + environmental refrigerant, cold plate heat exchanger and dual-type ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems;
3. A LAN network communication interfaces to computer remote control, easy to use;
4. Independently set the heat, cold and hot and cold conditions, the impact of three different function, the impact of the implementation of hot and cold conditions, with high and low temperature testing machine functions;
5. Operation at boot time automatically make an appointment ahead of pre-cooling, preheating, standby;
6. Defrost cycles can be set and the number of automatic (manual) defrost;
7. Controller friendly interface and easy procedure setting, abnormal and troubleshooting display complete.

Technical parameters:
Model 2012A-49 2012A-80 2012A-150
Inner box 35×35×40 50×40×40 60×50×50
Outer box 150×195×145 180×200×145 190×200×155
High-temperature range 80°C200°C
Low-temperature range -55°C-10°C -65°C-10°C -75°C-10°C
Testing room temperature High 60°C150°C
Low -10°C-40°C -10°C-55°C 10°C-60°C
Heating-up time 60°C200°C about 25min
Cooling time 20°C-55°C about 60min 20°C-65°C about 75min 20°C-75°C about 90min
Impact recover time High-temperature (150°C) about 30min
Low-temperature (-40°C or -55°C or -60°C) about 30min
Impact recover time 5min
Inner material SUS#304 stainless steel
Outer material US#304 stainless steel
Insulation High-precision glass wool + PU foam rubber
Cooling system Copy blowing type or water-cooled, and environmental protection refrigerant.
Controller Man-machine interface with touch-programmable control
Protector Compressor slide off, overheating, over-temperature, over-pressure, dry heat,
motor overload protection switch
Attachment Compartment frame 2, the test hole 1
Power 16KW 32KW 48KW
Power supply AC380V±10%, 3PH 50/60Hz



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