Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester HZ-1007D
Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester HZ-1007D
Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester HZ-1007D

Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester HZ-1007D

Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester has the functions of automatic data collection, storage, output and printing, and is easy to operate. 1007D series automatic thrust testing machine is a new type of material testing machine combining electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measurement range, and has high precision and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation and displacement.
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20N Pressure value Two-axis Press Inductance Testing Machine

Fully Automatic Thrust Testing Machine

Two-axis Press Inductance Thrust Tester adopts a single-space structure, and the test space is in the lower space. It is mainly suitable for the test of metal and non-metal materials with a test load of less than 500N (50KG). It has stress, strain, and displacement control methods, and can test the maximum thrust, compressive strength, Bending strength and other test requirements.

Meet the standard
GB/T 16491-2008 electronic universal testing machine, and also meet ASTM D412, ASTM D638, GB/T 1040,GB/T 8808, GB/T 13022, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, GB/T 16825, GB/T 17200,GB/T 3923.1, GB/T2611, GB/T 6344, GB/T 20310, GB/T 3690, GB/T 4944, GB/T 3686,GB/T 6344, GB/T 10654, GB/T 2423.60 (IEC 60068-2-21-2006) and many other domestic and international testing standards.

Model Number HZ-1007D
Pressure value 10N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N (other capacities can be customized)
Accuracy class Level 0.5
Force range 0.4%~100%
Force measurement accuracy Within ±0.5% of indicated value
Resolution maximum load is 1/200000
sensor Basic configuration: a pressure sensor (maximum load)
warranty 1 year
Test speed range 0.1~200mm/min (speed can be customized)

Detailed Images

20N Pressure value Two-axis Press Inductance Testing Machine


20N Pressure value Two-axis Press Inductance Testing Machine


20N Pressure value Two-axis Press Inductance Testing Machine


Main Feature

Imported photoelectric encoder is used for displacement measurement, the controller adopts embedded single-chip microcomputer structure, built-in powerful measurement and control software, which integrates measurement, control, calculation and storage functions. It has the function of automatically calculating stress, tensile strength and elastic modulus, and automatically counts the results; automatically records the maximum point, breaking point, force value or elongation of the designated point; uses the computer to display the dynamic display of the test process and test curve, and Perform data processing. After the test, the graph processing module can be used to zoom in on the curve for data reanalysis and editing, and can print reports. The product performance has reached the international advanced level.


It is mainly suitable for testing metal and non-metal materials, such as springs, inductors, electronic product keys, touch screen pressure, sponges, foams, conforming materials and other compression, bending and other samples. This fully automatic thrust testing machine can realize 1 -The automatic test in 16 stations can also be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers, set up the program, and automatically push the product to display the thrust data

Software testing main interface
1.Sample parameters can be set, fixed speed, positioning displacement, fixed force and other tests can be set
2.Change the content displayed on the left side of the software, and select the maximum force, deformation, displacement, etc.
3.Editable test criteria and test requirements

Software Test Curve
Display real-time test procedures, including force, time, elongation, etc.; The content of the curve can be set, the content of the X and Y axes can be selected, and the force, time, deformation, etc. can be set; Multi-curve display can be added

Other test items
1. Thrust test Set the fixture distance program to set the automatic thrust test.
2. Stress test Set the force value to see the deformation is the data
3. The coefficient of elasticity is the Young's modulus of elasticity Definition: The ratio of the normal stress component in phase to the normal strain. It is a coefficient for determining the rigidity of a material. The higher the value, the stronger the material.
4. Proportional limit: The load can maintain a proportional relationship within a certain range, and its maximum stress is the proportional limit.
5. Elastic limit: the maximum stress that a material can withstand without permanent deformation.
6. Elastic deformation: After removing the load, the deformation of the material disappears completely.
7. Permanent deformation: After removing the load, the material still remains deformed.
8. Fully automatic test: multiple stations can be selected for automatic testing

In a non-emergency state, please try to avoid directly turning off the power supply in the running state; Non-electrical maintenance personnel, please do not open the back door of the control cabinet to avoid possible personal injury to you; When inputting parameters, please check the correctness of parameter input; Before the test, please review the installation status of the mechanical part again to confirm that each connecting screw is in place

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