Vertical pressure sample cutting machine HZ-6007A

Vertical pressure sample cutting machine HZ-6007A is a special sampling device necessary for the corrugated board edge compressive strength test and the bond strength test. It can quickly and accurately cut the standard test size. It is an ideal auxiliary test device for corrugated board and carton production, scientific research and quality supervision and inspection departments.
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Vertical pressure sample cutting machine HZ-6007A is used to cut the appropriate size of the cardboard test piece, otherwise, irregular or improper use of specimen specimen will lead to incorrect test. With a clear scale, can be fine-cutting of a straight line.

1. It can cut the sample with accurate parallelism and score on it to set the parallel spacing;
2. Imported sliding track is used, and it is closely matched with Japanese imported blades to easily cut out multi-layer cardboard samples;
3. The scale is laser engraved, the scale is clear, durable and easy to clean;
4. With a powerful magnet, the blade is easier to install.

Applications Industry:
Vertical pressure sample cutting machine HZ-6007A is a ideal test aids for paper making, packaging, research, quality control and other industries.

Technical parameter:
1. Model: HZ-6007A
2. Adjustable scale: 30, 50, 60, 80, 100, 150 mm
3. Size: 48*62*16 cm
4. Weight: 25 kgs
5. Sub configuration: With a clear scale, can be fine-cut the four corners of 100-type specimen.


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