Washing Fastness Tester HZ-8031

Washing Fastness Tester HZ-8031 is for fastness test of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber textile washing, dry cleaning-resistant, can also be used for washing fastness test of dye.
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Main feature and function:
1. Solid state relays control the heating pipe, no mechanical contact, temperature stable, no noise, long life.
2. Adopt the gear transmission directly, a smooth and reliable test cup holder for convenience.
3. Electronic touch switch, no mechanical contacts, long life, reliability, waterproof membrane covering the panel, the water splashed on the panel will not have any impact on the circuit.
4. Computer process control temperature and time, with a proportional - integral (PID) adjustment function, an effective solution temperature "overshoot" phenomenon.

Meet standard:
1. GB/T3921.1 ~ 5-1997 textile fastness test  washing fastness
2. ISO 105 C01-C06: 1994 Textile Testing - washing fastness test
3. GB / T 5711-1997 | textile  fastness test  dry cleaning resistance fastness
4. ISO 105-D01-1993 D01 textile fastness test   parts D01: dry cleaning resistance fastness
5. AATCC 61-2003 domestic and commercial washing fastness test
6. AATCC 132 dry cleaning fastness dry cleaning resistance fastness   detection   test
7. JIS L0844-2005 Test method for washing fastness
8. JIS L0860-1996 Test method for dry cleaning resistance fastness

Technical parameter:
Model (Washing Fastness Tester) HZ-8031-12A HZ-8031-12M HZ-8031-24A
Test cup size 550mL (φ75mm*120mm) meet standard of GB (ISO, JIS) etc.
1200mL (φ90mm*200mm) meet standard of AATCC etc.
Center distance of rotating frame 45mm
Rotation speed 40±2r/min
Time Control Range 99.9min
Time-control error <±5s
Temperature control range 0100°C
Temperature control error <±2°C
Heating method Heater
Stainless steel ball φ6mm steel ball  300
Round stainless steel sheet specifications φ30mm*3mm, 20±2g (For dry cleaning resistance test)
Standard    configuration Applicable standards GB, ISO, JIS GB, ISO, JIS, AATCC GB, ISO, JIS
The number of test cup 550mL  12 550mL 12 / 1200mL 6 550mL  24
Work Room one one two
Pre-heat chamber one one two
Heating power 4.5KW, 3KW per group 4.5KW, 3KW per group 4.5Kw two groups
Drive power 180W one group 180W two groups 180W two groups
Stainless steel ball 300 600 900
PU seals 24 pieces (φ75mm) 24 pieces (φ75mm) 48 pieces (φ75mm)
14 pieces (φ90mm)
Apparatus placed Socket wheel
Dimensions 935*690*910mm (L*W*H)
Power Ac380V, 50Hz
Weight 170KG

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