Water-resistance Rain Test Chamber HZ-2016
Water-resistance Rain Test Chamber HZ-2016

Water-resistance Rain Test Chamber HZ-2016

Rain Test Chamber is used to test the performance of motor vehicle lamps, wiper, waterproof strip, locomotive instrument, navigation system of missile defense industry, squib, nose cone, cone top radar, aerospace industry, the waterproof performance of rain water resistance test and electrical enclosure, to detect product specifications of IP code to.
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Main function:
1. Adjustable water flow design is generally about 10cm/h of the rainfall, maximum compliance with the next twenty years the maximum rainfall 35mm/m, the unique water distributor can keep the rainfall and pressure under steady control.
2. RS. Separate control without operator entry into the slot.
3. Rain Test Chamber can warm the test material from Rt~85 DEG C, so that the test temperature is higher than the water temperature to produce a negative pressure, which makes the test more accurate (MIL-STD).


Meet the Standard:
GB 4208-2008 Enclosure rating
GB10485-2006 Ambient lighting for road vehicles and environmental durability of optical signalling devices
GB4942-2006  Classification of protection grade of rotating motor integral structure
GB/T 2423.38  Environmental testing for electric and electronic products part second: Test R: water test method

GB/T 2424.23  Water testing guidelines for environmental testing of electrical and electronic products

Technical Parameter:
 Model  HZ-2016A  HZ-2016B                                
 Testing temperature  Room temperature  Rt~85°C
 Inner size  100(W)*100(D)*100(H) cm or customize
 Spray volume  0.07(1±5%)L/min (Every hole in average)
 Spray nozzle  Spherical laser drilling, direction: 360°adjustable, make injection of rain fan,
 to spray the specimen
 Hydraulic aperture  φ0.8mm
 Water spray hole spacing  50mm
 Number of blowhole  16 or 25
 Water ring radius  R400mm
 Spray nozzle diameter  φ15mm stainless steel
 Pendulum Swing tube range    about ±180° (can adjust to ±45°, ±60°, ±90°)
 Swing speed  60°/s  adjustable
 Spray pressure  0400Kpa adjustable
 Specimen rotative speed  4~17rpm (Adjustable)
 Weight  350kgs
 Power  1 phase, 220V, 5KW



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