YYQ-160D Intelligent Point Finding Dynamic Balancing Machine
YYQ-160D Intelligent Point Finding Dynamic Balancing Machine

YYQ-160D Intelligent Point Finding Dynamic Balancing Machine

YYQ-160D Intelligent Point Finding Dynamic Balancing Machine is mainly used for the balance correction of the cross flow fan of the air conditioner and other similar rotating parts.
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Intelligent Point Finding Dynamic Balancing Machine Yyq-160d (cas-602 measuring system) is a dynamic balancing machine designed and produced by Shanghai company with excellent cost performance. It is widely used in the balance detection of automotive retarder and other similar products.
Machine features:

1. The professionally designed swing frame can effectively transmit mechanical force, is firm and reliable, has small vibration damping and good rigidity
2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable
3. One calibration, permanent use, allowing extremely high initial unbalance
4. The special universal coupling drive of the balancer has the advantages of stable power transmission, fast start and convenient operation
5. It is applicable to the outer circle of the rotor. It is not allowed to use the ring belt transmission device or require large transmission power
6. Advanced electrical measurement system, friendly man-machine interface and complete functions

Characteristics of electrical measurement system:
Cas-602 series industrial control electric measuring box is a powerful electric measuring system with high measurement accuracy, which can adapt to various single and double-sided and soft and hard support balancing machines, and can be conveniently and flexibly equipped with various speed sensors and piezoelectric sensors.
The balance software has powerful functions, wide adaptability, high efficiency, strong data universality, and can output data through standard interfaces.
Functional features:
-Auxiliary process guidance, higher balance efficiency
-The addition and removal of weights can be customized flexibly, and the front of the two schools can be configured completely independently.
-With inverse rotation measurement function, easy software configuration eliminates field wiring adjustment.
-Complete process compensation methods can automatically detect the eccentricity of rotor accessories such as shaft keys, various fixtures and transmission parts, so as to realize real rotor measurement and improve measurement accuracy and efficiency.
-The indexing algorithm solves the balance problem of blade rotor and directly displays the unbalance on each blade.
-The drilling algorithm automatically converts the unbalance into the hole depth, the weight removal quantity is intuitive, and has strong operability.
-Crankshaft algorithm, equipped with commonly used four cylinder and six cylinder crankshaft algorithms, automatically recommends the optimization algorithm, provides the lowest and most effective balance scheme, eliminates the traditional empirical estimation, and enables novices to achieve high production capacity.
-The light needle indicates the angle. The light needle on the screen vector diagram can indicate the angular position of the current rotor to facilitate the user to find the unbalance point (additional hardware needs to be configured).
-The supporting angle encoder is widely used in the ring belt drive dynamic balancing machine to quickly and accurately find the position of residual imbalance.
High measurement accuracy, applicable to more models
-In order to make up for the nonlinearity of the sensor and the swing frame, the combination of multiple coefficients is used to establish a solution model consistent with the reality, and the measurement is judged automatically to minimize the measurement error of high and low speed.
-The balance and angle units of measurement and display can be customized, and the display accuracy can also be customized arbitrarily to realize real-time unit conversion to meet the needs of different customers.
-Dynamic balance, static balance and dynamic and static balance methods are available for measurement.
-By detecting the signal, the system sensitivity can be automatically adjusted to synchronize with the measurement, without prolonging the measurement time, shifting without jumping, and effectively expanding the dynamic range.
-Based on the traditional six support modes (double-sided), three single-sided support and single channel single-sided balancing machine are expanded, a total of ten support modes, with a wider range of application.
-With mathematical model and physical model solution, it is suitable for all kinds of hard support and soft support balancing machines.

-The software and hardware dual filtering is adopted to obtain the effective signal. The newly added dead band filtering algorithm can quickly track the signal and stabilize it, so as to realize the stability, accuracy and speed of measurement.
The debugging platform is perfect and the operation is safer
-If the rotating speed does not reach the measured value, it can also be tracked with one key to facilitate debugging.
-The calibration methods are flexible and diversified. According to the needs of the site, single sensor and double sensor can be set, and the method of directly modifying the coefficient can also be adopted.
-The calibration interface is specialized and easier to maintain. The calibration process can be performed arbitrarily, and the original measurement data can be displayed. The calibration number can be up to 10 sections, the calibration coefficient can be verified in real time, and the system linear diagram is equipped.
-With the function of sensor disconnection alarm, it can automatically diagnose sensor disconnection and alarm in time to avoid false balance of workpiece.
-With the function of electric compensation, the ordinary rotor is tested as the calibration rotor, which is suitable for various working conditions, the debugging is more convenient, and the system model is more in line with the actual situation.
Friendly man-machine interface and more convenient operation
-The display language can be Chinese and English
-The measured value display is a combination of digital and vector graphics, which can quickly sense the order of magnitude and angular orientation of imbalance. The scale value of the graph can be adjusted to facilitate the setting of various levels.
-All system parameters have prompt information, including parameter definition and setting range. There are also wizard instructions in the calibration process to facilitate users to get started quickly.
-Automatically judge whether the rotor is qualified, and prompt by text, color and sound.
Strong data universality and more effective management
-Various types of stored data are stored in database, including rotor data, fixture compensation data and user-defined algorithm
, measurement records, etc.
-Automatically record historical measurement values. The automatic recording mode can be selected, with strong personalization.
-The database file has strong universality, which can be indexed and browsed in the system, and can also be opened in the official software for data processing.
-It has a variety of measurement reports, including measurement report, balance process report, single-sided measurement report, etc.
-The printed report language can also be Chinese and English, which automatically matches the language displayed on the screen.
-Remarks can be added to the rotor data and displayed in the report.
-The randomly presented database query software can search, count, filter, classify and export data files.

Technical Parameters

Model YYQ-160D
Balance workpiece weight range 160kg
Maximum diameter of balanced workpiece ≤Ф1000mm
Minimum distance between two support seats 130mm
Bearing diameter range Ф10-140mm
Maximum distance between the center of left and right support seats 1270mm
Balance speed 110-1176
Motor power 1.5KW
Minimum achievable residual unbalance / face (EMAR) 0.25g.mm/kg
Total length of bed 1500
Speed regulation mode Stepless speed regulation
Transmission mode Belt drive (imported wear-resistant)
Note:  The technical parameters of the above series of balancing machines are for reference only. The specific parameters and quotations need to be determined according to the actual situation of the rotor of the user's workpiece, and can also be customized.


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