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Large-sized Motor Rotor Balancer

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Large-sized Motor Rotor Balancer such as micro-motor rotor balancing machines, auto-positioning rotor balancing machines, small and medium-sized motor rotor balancing machines, and large-sized motor rotor balancing machines for the motor industry. Used in DC motors, geared motors, automotive motors, large motors, permanent magnet motors and other rotor industries. It is mainly a hard-bearing balancing machine that combines high-precision mechanical parts and advanced electrical parts into one. This series of products is one of the universal horizontal belt drive balancing machines developed, designed and manufactured by our company based on the core technology at home and abroad. , Is currently the most advanced model in the world, applied to various rotating workpieces, such as: micro-motors, power tools, water pumps, turbocharger rotors, textile machinery, high-speed tools, gyroscopes, fans, aerospace and other industries. This machine adopts a belt transmission device, which has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, convenient operation, intuitive display, rapid measurement, stable performance, and the use of frequency conversion speed regulation device to control the speed. The electromechanical measurement system can be equipped with a microcomputer digital display measurement system or a computer measurement system.

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