Classification of dynamic balancing machines

Classification of dynamic balancing machines:

1. Universal joint balancing machine: It adopts universal coupling transmission, which can obtain a variety of balanced speeds, and has high precision, convenient operation and high work efficiency; it is widely used in the rotation of motor rotors, power tool machine tool spindles, ventilation equipment, etc. Body workpiece balance correction.

2. Single-sided vertical balancing machine: a new type of balancing machine equipment that has developed rapidly and has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for measuring single-sided balance of disc-shaped workpieces in a vertical state;

3. Automatic positioning balancing machine: It adopts advanced servo drive device to realize stepless speed regulation of parameters and smooth acceleration and deceleration; it is suitable for mass balancing of shaft rotors such as micro-motor rotors and electric tools. With its extremely high sensitivity, a variety of flexible automatic positioning methods, and convenient operation.

4. Inertial flow type balancing machine: mainly suitable for air-conditioning fan products, with the advantages of high precision, fast measurement speed, low failure rate, etc.

5. Drive shaft balancing machine: It adopts a hard-supported swing frame structure, which has the advantages of fast measurement speed, high precision, and convenient loading and unloading. A single drive shaft workpiece of an automobile is an ideal equipment for drive shaft manufacturers and maintenance manufacturers.

6. On-site balancer: After the product is assembled, there will be obvious vibration and displacement in the rotating operation due to matching tolerances, structural deformation, mass eccentricity, etc., which greatly reduces the safety and service life of the equipment.