Main features of Polarizer Peeling Test Machine for Polarizing Filter

This Polarizer Peeling Test Machine is mainly used to do peeling test for adhesive and tape, with different clamp to do different test for universal material, such as tensile test, compression test, 180 degree peeling test, shear test and so on.

Main function:
Polarizer Peeling Test Machine HZ-1007E can be applied to test lots of materials in tension, compression, tear, peel (can 90 degrees and 180 degrees) and other mechanical test, such as rubber, tires, belt, shoes, plastic, film, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PU, aluminum-plastic pipe, composite materials, waterproof materials, fibers, textiles, wire and cable, paper, gold foil, ribbons, thread, spring, wood, medicine packaging materials, tapes etc.
Main features:
1. Adopt: Panasonic servo motor, the beam moves up and down to test the load through the transmission.
2. The whole control system is safe and high reliability.
3. Microcomputer control the whole testing process, real-time dynamic display the load values, displacement values, deformation,testing speed and testing curves.
4. Microcomputer for data processing and analysis, testing results can be saved automatically, testing curves can be transferred out after the test, you can know the testing process through the testing curves, or compare with others curves, or amplify the curves.
5. The testing software of the Window, with strong processed capabilities of data and graphics, it can immediate print out a complete testing report and testing curves.
6. Has limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop and other safe protective functions.
Applicable industry:
Including but not only - 
ASTM D903, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS11888, JIS K6854, PSTC-7...