Components Affect Performance - Universal Testing Machine Part

Universal testing machine is suitable to do tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (with an additional extension meter) and other tests for various textiles, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive products, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metal and other materials, to determine the quality of the product. Then which components will affect the performance of the universal testing machine during use? Let's take a look:

1. Screw of unviersal testing machine: the screw is used to drive the movement of the sensor. The quality of the screw will directly affects the test data, such as the maximum deformation and elongation after break. Currently on the market, there’s two kind of screws were used on the universal test machine, T-shaped ordinary screw and non-clear ball screw. The former has larger clearance, larger friction and shorter service life. The latter has small clearance, surface quenching, hardness is HRC58-62, and the service life can reach several dozens years, and can ensure the same accuracy.

2. Drive system of universal testing machine: the drive system of the electronic universal material testing machine, the early use on the market is reducer or ordinary belt, the main drawbacks of these two drive method is: the former need to add lubricating oil regularly, the latter can not guarantee the synchronization of the drive that would affects the test results. Considering the stability of the equipment and the test accuracy, the arc-tooth synchronous belt pulleys were used on most of the market to ensure the synchronization accuracy of the drice, which with high transmission precision, high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, long service life, and no need to maintain.

3. Sensor of universal testing machine: the accuracy and linearity of the sensor directly determine the accuracy and stability of the test data. Currently the sensor on the market, small force utm uses small type sensor, and big force utm always use the spoke type sensor. The inside of the sensor is generally a strain gauge. If the strain gauge is in low accuracy, or the glue used for fixing the strain gauge is in poor aging resistance, or even the material of the sensor is not good, the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be affected.

4. Motor of universal testing machine: the power source of the universal testing machine is also called the motor. At present, the universal testing machine on the market uses ordinary three-phase motor or variable frequency motor. These motor adopts analog signal control, which control response is slow, positioning is inaccurate, no high speed if it's low speed, or no low speed if it’s high speed, and the speed control is imprecise. Use the AC servo motor, it is full digital pulse control, with wide speed range, up to 0.001-1000mm / min, the control positioning is accurate, and reaction is fast, can reach full speed in 0.001s, this kind of motor can ensure the full-scale speed control is accurate and long service life.

Now, which parts will affect the performance of the universal testing machine, you should have already got a general understanding. We hope that could provide a reference, to help you to choose the most suitable universal testing machine for your products test. If you have any problem about this, fell free to contact us.(Components Affect Performance)