Constant temperature and humidity testing chamber quarterly maintenance

 Constant temperature and humidity testing chamber quarterly maintenance
Electrical part
1, clean the dust on the switchboard, do not touch water.

2, tighten the thick wire diameter, large current screw terminal.

3. Check the fixing screws of the circulating fan to prevent long-term operation from loosening.

4, Observe the high current contactor, circuit breaker (control compressor, fan) whether there is discoloration, coke marks? If any timely replacement.

 Frozen portion

1. Clean the condenser regularly (every three months) to avoid overheating alarm when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

2, when the equipment is not used for a long time, because the compressor is started once every 2 weeks, each run is about 1 hour.

3. It is forbidden to stop at low temperature (below 0 degrees) to avoid air leakage and frost in the equipment box door.

4, the compressor noise is normally dull and stable. In case of abnormal sound such as sharp ear piercing, notify the manufacturer immediately.

Waterway section

1, clean the water tank regularly to avoid scaling, resulting in abnormal humidification. Check whether the automatic water filling is smooth.

2, the inside of the box should be kept clean, and there should be no foreign matter blocking the water return port, so as to avoid water accumulation during the experiment.

3. Clean the humidifier tank every month, check whether the water is smooth, and avoid dry burning damage to the humidifier pipe.

4. Change the wet cloth every three months.