Fan impeller Dynamic Balancing Machine procedure

Fan impeller Dynamic Balancing Machine procedure
The first method:

1. Stop the machine and stick reflective strip

2. Initial test

3. Add weight

4. Try to add a counterweight

The second method: direct test, according to the phase Angle and vibration value to calculate the weight mass and Angle (the instrument should have a test function) The third method: direct test, bisecting the Angle to add a homogeneous mass block, drawing to add the weight, this is only suitable for single-sided balance, and consider the situation that the three lines do not cross at the same point.

High-pressure gas descale: The system uses a structure similar to that of the water spraying system, but its pipes are high-pressure resistant pipes, special nozzles and high-pressure gas sources. This equipment is fast and useful for blade descaling, it can open the high-pressure air source in the gap of the normal shutdown of the dynamic balance measuring instrument of the fan impeller, and only tens of seconds can complete the descaling.

Because the operation is simple and convenient, it can be stopped many times a day, which not only deals with the laborious and time-consuming problems of manual descaling, but also significantly reduces the cost of all units.