Features and working principle of the new vacuum ovens

The new vacuum ovens are equipped with a new controller, allowing customers to achieve centralized control. Customers can also opt for an option with a touch screen - on which the actual and set values for pressure and temperature can be displayed simultaneously. The effect is that the user can see which process stage the cabinet is in at any time.

The automatic drying detection function is another innovation. Once the drying process is over, the lixian drying chamber intelligently recognizes this. And automatically start the ventilation system. This way, users are more flexible and don't have to wait for the moment. Here's how it works: after the solvent has been processed, if the pressure drops further again and then returns to a steady state, the hardware recognizes this.

Next, the ventilation system is automatically activated, and the user no longer needs to worry about whether the sample material is being over-processed. The new vacuum drying oven can also be programmed and the specific drying process can be saved in advance. Larger viewing windows and optional internal lighting provide a clear view of the interior.