High and Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine

Lixian Instrument ‖ High and Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine

It is mainly used for tensile strength test under low temperature or high temperature conditions to judge the quality of products. For example, the plastic door curtains used in our supermarkets need to be kept at minus 70 degrees for 1 hour before the tensile test, because in the winter in the north, there will be If there is low temperature, the quality of the product must be better than that in the natural environment, so a professional high and low temperature tensile machine test is required.

1. It is used for packing tape test with force value between 500-20000N

2. Mainly implement GB-T2423.1-2008, GB/T1040, test the tensile strength of plastic products under high and low temperature conditions

3. Obtain the maximum force, compressive strength, yield strength and elongation of the product