How Does Tensile Testing Machine Test The Poisson Ratio Test of Materials?

We know that a tensile testing machine can measure the elastic modulus of a material, but few people know whether a tensile testing machine can measure Poisson's Ratio. First of all, we must know what's Poisson Ratio Test. Poisson’s ratio refers to a material under unidirectional tension or compression. When, the ratio of the absolute value of the transverse normal strain to the axial normal strain is also called the transverse deformation coefficient, which is the elastic constant reflecting the transverse deformation of the material.

So can our tensile testing machine test Poisson's Ratio? The answer is yes, the key is the measurement method and measurement aids. Here we will introduce some tools needed to measure Poisson's Ratio:

1. One tensile testing machine, controlled by computer software.
2. One axial extensometer and one longitudinal extensometer.

After the product is clamped, install the axial extensometer and the longitudinal extensometer respectively. After starting the test, the axial strain and the longitudinal strain are measured, and the Poisson's Ratio can be calculated by the software built-in formula.

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