How does the Tensile Strength Testing Machine test the tensile strength of nylon rope?

How does the Tensile Strength Testing Machine test the tensile strength of nylon rope? 
Nylon has high strength, low density, good resilience, good fatigue resistance, good thermal stability and wear resistance. It is an important engineering plastic, and its dosage ranks first among the five engineering plastics. However, nylon also has some disadvantages, such as easy water absorption, poor dimensional stability, poor flame retardancy and low temperature resistance. These shortcomings need to be solved by modification. In addition, the cost of nylon is high.

We all know that the electronic tension machine is widely used and favored by various industries. Some testing techniques are also different. In front, we introduce the testing method of shoelaces. Today, we will introduce the tensile strength test of nylon rope. The following is the detailed content:

1、 Test purpose

Test the tensile strength of nylon rope

2、 Test equipment

1. One nylon rope

2. Electronic tension machine

3. HF Digital Display push-pull meter (external)

3、 Test procedure

1. Adjust the equipment horizontally to make it horizontal

2. Check whether the power supply meets the specified requirements

3. Turn on the power switch of the control panel, at this time, all buttons and indicators are on, and all control appliances of the push-pull meter are powered on

4. Select the appropriate test speed

5. According to the selection of nylon rope, appropriate clamps must be used to correctly install the nylon rope test piece (as shown in the figure above)

6. Adjust the upper and lower stroke setting rings to the upper and lower limits of the required range

7. Press the start down or rise button to lower or rise the intermediate coupling plate and start the test. At this time, the display starts to display the tensile value of the nylon rope specimen until the nylon rope specimen is broken or damaged, the load remains the minimum value. After recording the value, remove the broken or damaged specimen

8. After clamping the nylon rope test piece and the display value to zero according to the above method, the test can be carried out again. If the test has been completed, please turn off the power supply

9. Sort out the test results according to the relevant calculation formula

How does the electronic tension machine test the tensile strength of nylon rope? The above is a general operation method of nylon rope. The actual operation may be somewhat different from that in writing. If you encounter something you don't understand during operation, please call Haida instrument, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.