How to use metal bar tensile test machine

1009A Computer Servo metal bar tensile test machine
Tensile test for metallic materials with force values between 50kn-300kn

Execute GB/TY-423/2007 copper and copper alloy manufacturing test method, 
test speed: 10mm/min

It is a new material testing machine that combined with the electronic

technology and mechanical has accurate load speed, range of force measurement,

Has high accuracy and sensitivity forthe load, displacement  measurement and control, it also can

be tested the constant-velocity loading, constant- velocity displacement. This machine is simple to

operate, especially suitable for controlling quality in production line, This seriesof machine is mainly

applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 10ton . 

Floor spring fixing pin compressive strength test machine is used for compression test of metal, spring and other products with a force value between

Main test metal bar 

Obtain the maximum compressive force, yield strength and tensile strength of the product
Effective testing width:400mm (can be widened)
Testing speed:From 0.001 to 500mm/min  
Accurate:1 grade /0.5 grade