Lithium battery pole friction welding tensile testing machine

HZ-1003A Lithium battery pole friction welding tensile testing machine

This Series machine can be applied to test lots of materials in rubber tensile elongation, compression, tear, big size peel (can 90 degrees and 180 degrees) and other mid-force mechanical test(5KN, 10KN,20KN,optional ), such as tires, belt, shoes, plastic, film, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PU, aluminum-plastic pipe, composite materials, waterproof materials, fibers, textiles, wire and cable, paper, gold foil, ribbons, thread, spring, wood, medicine packaging materials, tapes etc.

Control System
Support for tensile, compression, shear, bending and other tests; Support open editing test, editorial standards and editorial procedures, Support export import testing, standards and procedures; Support custom test parameters; Adopt an open statement in the form of EXCEL, to support user-defined report format; Print the query testing results flexibility, support for printing multiple samples.

Software Main Interface

A computer software interface,display test data, setup method, sample size

Test Result

To show test information,including test person,test standard,test curve,test max load etc,can add your company