HZ=7015 open rubber mixing machine

The open mill is the abbreviation of the open rubber mixing machine. In the plastic product factory, people are used to calling it a two-roll machine.

The open mill is a kind of plastic mixing equipment that has been used earlier in plastic products production plants. In the calender production line, the function of the open mill before the calender and after the mixer is to knead and plasticize the evenly mixed raw materials, so as to provide a more uniform molten material for the calender to calender the plastic products. When producing cable material, the open mill can directly smelt and plasticize the powdered material mixed according to the formula into a molten material, and then press and mold it into a sheet-like belt, so that the pelletizer can cut it into granules. In the production line of floor leather, it can directly provide the bottom coating with mixing and plasticizing for the cloth leather. The recycled waste plastic films (sheets) can also be re-plasticized on the open mill.

1. Used for refining and processing of rubber, plastic and silicone products

2. Mainly for the processing and molding of the rubber and plastics industry

3. Know the rubber mixing situation of the product in advance, so as to better guide the production