Lixian Instrument Four Days Annual Meeting For 2020 - Hello 2021

The Annual Meeting of Lixian Instrument Scientific Co., Ltd finished in last week, from Wedensday to Saturday, 3 days for meeting and Saturday for celebration and party.

2020 is a vary bad year because of the COVID-19, at the first two months, some staffs who’s hometown in Hubei Province (which provincial capital is Wuhan), have no way back to work. There’s no train, there’s no plane, all modes of transportation were blocked, they have to stay at home, and keep sign in their health code on the phone every day, Waiting for the government's announcement.

But meanwhile, Lixian Instrument is busy with mask making machine. The whole China need masks, most factories need mask machine at that time. We finished R&D in a month and get the first mask making machine in March, and then we start production. Handreds of mask making machines were sent out from March to June, and the output value has reached twice that of the whole of last year. It’s a great success for Lixian Instrument. In this three months, we have no weekend, no holiday, but it’s all worth at last.

Since June, we start to have weekend and holiday. When the mask making machine is not that needed, the production department developed the mask and raw material test machine, melt blown production machine, and other kinds of mask machine such as KF94 and KN95. And also our standard products were picked up again, the universal test machine and climate chamber. Although the market is tiny because the COVID-19 is still raging abroad, and have led to the bankruptcy of many companies, we do not worry anymore.

Perhaps the business situation in the second half of the year is not very satisfactory. We have thought of many ideas and still have some losses compared with the same period last year. But everyone is working hard and growing. Through the three-day meeting, we made a detailed summary for this year, and set a great goal for 2021, we made a detailed plan. We are confident to finish it and we will finish it.

On the last day, we held a celebration, we tug-of-war, we played games, we held a party. Everyone performed the show, everyone got a prize, and everyone was happy. This would be an unforgettable day.

After a month, everyone will back to home, and spend two weeks to celebrate the most solemn festival - the Chinese New Year. Then we return to work, start work for 2021 based on the detailed plan, to pursue and achieve our new goals.

Here, we want to thank the Chinese government and every medical staff who have struggled on the front line. Your hard work helped us quickly get rid of the fear of COVID-19 and allowed us to work and live healthily; We want to thank all our customers, thank you for your trust and support; And, we should thank ourselves, our hard work, caution and persistence helped us to pass this difficult year perfectly. We did a good job in 2020!