Our Agent on Universal Testing Machine Manufacturer Expo Korea

Mr. Kim, as one of our agent in Korea, is also one of our best friend, best partner.

We first got cooperation in 2012, one year after his company MMSTech Co., Ltd founded, and we have maintained a good cooperative relationship in the past seven years. South Korea has a huge market in test equipment, we trust each other, and we provide products with excellent performance and reasonable price, which occupies a large part of the south Korean market for us, and also brings huge economic benefits to both sides. He is an excellent businessman.

In the meantime, he also provided us with good suggestions to optimize and perfect our products. According to his investigations, we developed a new equipment - HZ-1007E Mini Universal Testing Machine together based on the needs of the Korean market. The precision of this machine has reached 0.5 grade, it's smaller, and lighter. The weight of the whole machine does not exceed 75kg, but the maximum testable strength reaches 1000N. Different tests can be done with different fixtures on this machine, such as tensile test, compression test, 90° peeling test, 180° peeling test, tearing test and so on.

This device is very popular in Korea and has a certain market in Asia and Europe. That is why we are very grateful to Mr. Kim and have get such long-term cooperation with him.

At this time, Mr. Kim is participating in the Chemical Manufacturing Expo Korea, with our HZ-1007E Mini Universal Testing Machine and some small equipments. If anyone is here or interested in it, welcome to visit and get communication.




Lixian, as a universal testing machine manufacturer, we sincerely welcomes all small and medium-sized agents to get cooperation, and develop your local markets with the most cost-effective equipments. We work together, we win together.