Precautions for metal needle detectors

Precautions for Metal Needle Detectors

1) Pass the inspection block attached to the machine or the samples of steel needles and iron fragments you want to detect through the machine test first to make sure that the machine has an alarm sound and the conveyor belt stops before it can run normally.
2) When the machine is idling, if the indicator light of the probe flashes irregularly, it means that there are interference signals around the machine (such as electric fans, iron shelves, trolleys, etc.) On, it means there is a foreign body on the conveyor belt, please wipe the conveyor belt with medical alcohol to remove the foreign body, until the probe indicator light goes out;
3) During operation, the four feet of the metal detector must be placed smoothly, please do not vibrate the machine to avoid false alarms;
4) When the detected object contains a small amount of ferrous substances (the volume is smaller than the steel ball in the standard test block), there will be a phenomenon that the alarm will not be alarmed, which is within the normal range;
5) Do not place in high temperature and expose to the sun, avoid application in humid places;
6) This machine is specially used to detect metal and other items, so please avoid high-wave rate machines.
7) This instrument should have a special needle detection room and a special person for testing operations.

It should be cleaned and maintained frequently, and daily maintenance is very important.

The automatic conveying metal detector can be used to detect needles, broken pieces hidden in various sewing products (such as men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, kimono, jackets, bedding, shoes, hats, gloves, plush toys, carpets, hygiene products). Needles and other iron fragments, etc., can also be used in the detection of hygienic materials such as medicines, food (edible fungi, fish, meat, fruits and other fresh and their products), clothing accessories zippers and buttons, and non-ferromagnetic Materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc, papermaking, rubber, chemical industry raw materials, etc., are mixed with foreign objects such as iron fragments during testing to improve the competitiveness of products.
Precision metal detector is the latest metal detector series product launched by the company in 2007. It adopts 32 latest closed magnetic induction sensors within the detection width of 600mm, which has extremely high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability. The core control board is designed with American Atmel digital signal processing chip, based on high-speed CISC chip and signal second-order analysis technology, which can accurately display the exact position of foreign objects in the test object; advanced digital sensitivity adjustment and with a voltage display output, which can be adjusted according to the product Accurately adjust the sensitivity for different needs to achieve the best detection state to meet the safety standards of production; at the same time, it provides a preset function of startup, which is easy to operate, fast in detection speed, and has complete functions to adapt to complex product detection.