Problems and solutions in the use of universal testing machine

 Problems and solutions in the use of universal testing machine
       1. The universal testing machine stalls or does not move
       ①The photoelectric switch at the end of the motor is worn out after a long time operation.
       Solution: Replace the photoelectric switch
       ②There is a problem with the software parameter setting
       Solution: reset the parameters of the software

       2. Zero point fluctuation of force value of universal testing machine
       After the testing machine has been used for several years, the zero point of the force value will generally fluctuate up and down.
       ①The oil circuit is blocked
       Solution: replace the oil again and clean the oil circuit
       ②The voltage used by the machine is unstable
       Solution: Use a voltage regulator to adjust the voltage
       ③The sensor has been damaged by collision
       a. Replace the sensor again
       b. Reset the testing machine.

       3. Errors in the measurement results of the testing machine
       Electronic universal testing machine
       ①Host part
       If the main engine is not installed horizontally, it will cause friction between the working piston and the wall of the working cylinder, resulting in errors. Generally expressed as positive difference, and as the load increases, the resulting error is gradually smaller
       ②The dynamometer part
       The part of the dynamometer is not installed horizontally, which will cause friction between the pendulum shaft bearings, which generally turns out to be a negative difference.
       The above two kinds of errors have a relatively large impact on small load measurement, but have a relatively small impact on large load measurement.

       a. First check whether the installation of the testing machine is level. Use a frame level to level the main machine in two directions perpendicular to each other on the outer ring of the working cylinder.

       b. Adjust the front and back level of the dynamometer on the front of the pendulum bar, align and fix the edge of the pendulum bar with the inner engraved line, and use a level to lean against the side of the pendulum bar to adjust the left and right level of the body.