Seven points to pay attention to during regular maintenance of universal testing machines

Seven points to pay attention to during Regular maintenance of universal testing machines
1. As a high-tech testing equipment, the universal material testing machine has different structures. In the quarterly maintenance process, relevant staff need to conduct corresponding inspections for each structure of the equipment to ensure that the lubricated parts are adequately lubricated.

2. We need to thoroughly inspect the host part of the testing machine to ensure that no abnormal noise problems occur during use. In addition, in the universal testing machine, there are different buttons and control keys, etc., which must be in the quarter. Check during the maintenance plan to see if they can be controlled flexibly.
3. At this stage, different manufacturers will be equipped with corresponding protection devices and equipment control device systems for testing machine devices launched by different manufacturers. You need to check these two key points to ensure that the entire performance of the equipment is better protected.
4. Some blind spots also need to be maintained, and the relevant performance of the equipment should be checked to see if accurate tests can be made.
5. Always check the cables and wires of the equipment to see if they have been aging or damaged. Once discovered, they must be replaced in time.
6. The universal testing machine has many different fixing screws. Pay attention to whether the screws and nuts of each part are loose or rusty. If any parts of the testing machine are found to have problems, they need to be replaced in the first time.
7. It is necessary to check the circuit of the universal testing machine to ensure that it has a good grounding state and does not have any missing or damaged components. Once any missing or damaged components are found, the original manufacturer’s components must be ordered for replacement to avoid later The test data of the test is affected and distorted.