Standard of HZ-1717a Horizontal and vertical burning tester

HZ-1717 Horizontal and vertical burning tester according to national standards GB/T2408-1996 "Test method for flammability of plastic - horizontal and vertical Law," flame-retardant material designed to test equipment.

Model HZ-1717A
Standard GB/T2408-1996
Timing accuracy 1s
Simple size requirements Length:125±5mm,Thickness:3.0±0.2mm  Width:3.0±0.2mm
Specification Tube length100±10mm,Diameter:9.5±0.5 mm
Titled 45°
Height of burner blue flame 20 mm(Adjustable)

burner when necessary to manually lift in the vertical direction
Main configuration as follows
Host box(vertical burning ,burning one level)
Burning in part by the Bunsen burner, solenoid valve, high pressure ignition, gas pipes, regulators etc.
inner control box by the fire-breathing, Minting timer, counter etc. burning

control panel