Tensile Testing machine and other testers are packaged and shipped

Lixian instruments are packaged and shipped on site, Tensile testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing machines, salt spray machines, open mills, Mooney viscometers, packaged and sent to all parts of the country

1. Floor-standing 1010A tensile machine is mainly used for testing of packing belts and plastic-steel belts, providing professional industry test fixtures and software.

2. The laboratory open mill is mainly used for rubber refining in the laboratory. After mixing the rubber raw materials, it is refined into flakes to prepare for the later vulcanization.

3. Rotorless vulcanizer, mainly to test the vulcanization time of rubber, has three main functions:

1) Test the incoming raw materials of the factory to avoid different quality of products produced by different materials.

2) Provide a reference for the maturity time of rubber vulcanization, provide a reference for the factory to save electricity and save the cost of the factory.