Test Methods of Shoes Bending Tester for Heel HZ-3602

Shoes Bending Tester for Heel is used to test the bending resistance of finished shoes and soles. After the shoes and soles are bent by this machine at a certain angle for a certain time, observe the damage of the shoes and soles, or check the cracked parts. To a certain extent, to improve the quality with resources. The number of tests can be set, and it will stop automatically when the set value is reached. In any static state, the machine will automatically return to the starting position at a slow speed and stop automatically.

experiment procedure:
1. Adjust the eccentricity of the testing machine to make the bending angle reach the specified angle.
2. Put the sample shoes on the testing machine.
3. Adjust the distance of the pressure block in the shoe so that the front end of the pressure block is at the metatarsophalangeal part of the shoe.
4. Before the test starts, reset the counter to zero, set the number of bending times to the specified value, and start the host to start the test.
5. After reaching the specified number of tests, observe the change of the whole shoe after bending.

​​​Test report:
The bending value is expressed in number of times, no crack is qualified, and crack is unqualified, and the length of the crack is expressed in millimeters. The test results of each pair of shoes shall be subject to visual inspection. If one of the shoes has a crack, the pair of shoes shall be treated as a crack.