The Features of the electronic universal testing machine that you don’t know!

The Features of the electronic universal testing machine that you don’t know!
     1. The mechanical transmission part adopts an arc synchronous belt and a high-precision ball screw, which runs smoothly and has low noise.
    2. The servo controller uses a high-speed ARM chip as the main control chip, which has high computing speed and data processing capabilities, and can realize the entire control process from data acquisition, PID computing, Ethernet communication to output control in a short time, thus Realize precise closed-loop control of the testing machine; has three analog input channels: 1 load, 1 electronic extensometer, and 1 expansion channel. All three channels use independent 24-bit A/D converters for high-precision data Sampling, the effective internal code is up to 500,000; up to 15 segments of linear compensation and correction functions, greatly improving the measurement range and measurement accuracy of the sensor.
    3. Control function: The PID control strategy is adopted to realize the closed-loop control of load, displacement, and deformation, and it has the functions of constant addition and subtraction and constant maintenance of test force, displacement and deformation.
    4. Communication interface: 100MHz Ethernet communication interface, realize high-speed data communication with PC, realize the functions of real-time upload of collected data and real-time issuing of control commands, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time control of the testing machine by the PC.
    5. Measurement and control software features: The measurement and control software adopts a brand-new software style, with beautiful and generous interface, powerful functions, simple operation, etc.; it can be configured with any number of display boxes, and the displayed channel, unit, and decimal point can be configured. , And you can choose to display the frame horizontally or vertically; the number of test curve frames can be arbitrarily selected from 1 to 3, and the layout of multiple curve frames can be arbitrarily switched, the coordinates of the curve frame can be arbitrarily selected, and the test curve can be Partially magnified display, and can be saved as a picture file; multiple force sensors and multiple deformation sensors can be configured, and users can switch between them according to their needs;
    6. With three levels of management authority, they are factory debugger, administrator, and tester;
    Adopting an open test standard configuration mode, the standard software has built-in multiple test standards such as GB/T228.1-2010, GB/T1040-2008, GB/T528-2009, etc. The user can also easily add, delete or modify A test standard and control steps can be freely edited according to test requirements;
    At the end of the test, it can automatically calculate and save the test result data, such as maximum force, tensile strength, yield strength, non-proportional extension strength, etc., and display the characteristic points on the test curve;
    The software has a test analysis function, which can perform data analysis on the test results that have been completed, and can superimpose and compare multiple test curves in a group;
    7. Use standard database to manage test data, and provide network data interface;
    5.5.10 Users can choose the SingoReport report system independently developed by our company to edit and print reports, or use EXCEL form to edit and print reports;
    8. Safety protection: When the servo motor is over-current, over-voltage, or over-speed, the servo motor controller will alarm and stop; limit protection: when the moving beam touches the upper and lower limits, the moving beam will automatically stop moving;