The future development direction of electronic tensile testing machine

The future development direction of electronic tensile testing machine

The electronic tensile testing machine adopts the operation of oil supply valve and oil return valve and computer display. It can easily complete the test function, so as to further improve the test efficiency. The test results can query and print six curves (force displacement, force deformation, stress displacement, stress deformation, force time, deformation time) and relevant test data. It has the function of software self-test and can self diagnose faults. Electronic tensile testing machine is used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of various metal materials. It can also be used for compression tests of plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metallic materials. With simple accessories, it can complete a variety of performance tests of tape chain, steel wire rope, welding rod, tile and components. The electronic tensile testing machine adopts the lower type of oil cylinder, with low height and light weight. It is especially suitable for engineering construction departments.

With China's economic development, the market demand for electronic tensile testing machine is also expanding. Slowly, the technology of electronic tensile testing machine should develop in the direction of "digitization, intelligence, networking and miniaturization". Various functions meet the needs of different industries. At the same time, multifunction also promotes the development direction of China's electronic tensile testing machine industry to a new height, which requires electronic tensile testing machine enterprises to meet the hard requirements of on-site working conditions, technical conditions, process environment and so on, We should also consider how to make their products meet their personalized needs from the perspective of customers' needs. In recent years, electronic tensile testing machines have developed rapidly. On the one hand, the continuous improvement of technology, on the other hand, manufacturers pay more attention to quality. At present, the domestic situation of electronic tensile testing machines is good. At present, domestic tensile testing machines mainly include electronic tensile testing machines, rubber electronic tensile testing machines, digital display electronic tensile testing machines, electronic tensile testing machines Metal electronic tensile testing machine, ring stiffness electronic tensile testing machine, woven bag electronic tensile testing machine, etc.

1. The electronic tensile testing machine industry should improve its product added value and product competitiveness. Price, technology, service and brand competition are the magic weapon for enterprises to win. We can't emphasize price and ignore the role of other factors. In doing so, enterprises can only enter the dead end of stagnation, and in the end hurt their own enterprises.

2. Strengthen the supervision and supervision of industry associations and functional departments, accelerate the formulation of relevant industrial standards for electronic tensile testing machines and instruments, and guide the orderly and healthy development of the industry. Now, relevant instrument industry standards are issued every year. The formulation of the standards is of and seriousness, which can play a great role in eliminating the disorderly competition in the instrument industry.

With the development of mechanical equipment, green energy conservation is particularly important. The electronic tensile testing machine has embarked on the road of green and environmental protection, and continues to develop on the road of green development of energy conservation and emission reduction. The future development direction is:

1. The running speed of electronic tensile testing machine is higher;

2. The service life of electronic tensile testing machine is getting longer and longer;

3. Effectively save energy and cost;

4. The electronic tensile testing machine can effectively reduce the working temperature and energy consumption;

5. On the basis of using environment-friendly lubricating oil, the electronic tensile testing machine accepts heavier load