Universal Material Testing Machine Instructions for Use

Before using the universal material testing machine, you need to make the following preparations:

1.Check the instrument: Make sure that the power supply and control system of the universal material testing machine are working properly, that there are no abnormalities in the sensors, and that there are no abnormalities in the controller.
2.Check sensors: Confirm that all sensors are in good working order.
Stability of the control system: Ensure that the power supply voltage is stable and does not exceed 10% of the rated voltage to ensure the accuracy of the test results.
3.Environmental suitability: The testing machine should be installed in a clean, dry, vibration-free, and corrosive gas-free room, with at least 0.7m of space around it, and the levelness should not be greater than 0.2mm/1000mm. The testing machine must be reliably grounded.
4.Maintenance: Regularly check the quality of the hydraulic oil in the tank, and usually replace it every two years, or once every six months if the frequency of use is high or the environment is dirty.
5.Initial operation and test run: After turning on the power, press and hold the jaw lifting button to check whether the lower beam has dropped. If there is any problem, adjust the three-phase power input connection.
6.Methods of using universal materials testing machines include:

1.Select the appropriate test mode according to the experimental requirements.
2.Put the sample into the testing machine and adjust the parameters to meet the experimental requirements.
3.Start the testing machine and conduct the test according to the experimental requirements.
4.Record test results, analyze samples, and draw conclusions.
5.After completing the experiment, clean the testing machine and perform necessary inspections for next use.