Universal tensile testing machine fixture and clamp

Universal tensile testing machine fixture and clamp
Universal tensile testing machine is an indispensable part of the application

Universal tensile testing machine fixture and clamp.The fixture is an indispensable part of the application of universal tensile testing machine. The universal tensile testing machine holds the sample (or product) through the fixture, and determines whether the material (or finished product) is qualified and reaches the predetermined performance indicators through the afterforce device, the force value display device and the record, which cannot be judged without the available fixture.
The fixture is a part of the tensile testing machine that changes frequently according to the material sample. Different materials need different fixtures. The fixture is an important factor in whether the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results. Because the tensile testing machine can measure the performance of a variety of products, because the structure and appearance of various samples are different, the particularity of the fixture structure is formed, so the reasonable and correct use of the fixture is conducive to the smooth progress of the test.
With the development of science and technology, the requirements for materials in all walks of life are getting higher and higher, resulting in the continuous emergence of new materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the design of fixtures.

Product characteristics:
 1, universal tensile testing machine fixture can withstand the size of the test force is a very important indicator of the fixture;
2, the size of the test force determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of the fixture operation;
3. The sample material is divided into metal and non-metal, and the shape is divided into [1] size;
4, the composition of the material is various;
5, the test force that the sample can withstand is small to dozens of Li Niu (such as textile spandex wire), large to dozens of tons (such as ordinary steel, etc.;
6, the largest electronic universal testing machine test force is 600KN,0.5 grade machine);
7. The sample size is as small as the gold wire with a diameter of φ0.006mm, and the PVC pipe with a diameter of 1m.
8, according to the requirements of different test forces, the shape and size of the sample to choose the design of different fixtures.

(1) Fixture according to different test methods, can be roughly divided into:
1, stretching fixture,
2, compression fixture,
3, bending fixture,
4, stripping fixture,
5, cutting fixture, etc.,