Universal Testing Machine Extensometer Installation

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       The universal testing machine adopts a microcomputer-controlled full-digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve to drive a precision hydraulic cylinder. The microcomputer control system automatically controls the test force, displacement, and deformation in multiple modes to complete the tensile, compression, and bending tests of the sample , In line with the requirements of the national standard GB/T228-2010 "Metallic Materials Tensile Test Method at Room Temperature" and other standards.

       Universal testing machine extensometer is an instrument that measures the line deformation between two points of components and other objects. It is usually composed of three parts: sensor, amplifier and recorder. In use, many people complained that the extensometer was not clamped tightly, whether it was a quality problem, it was not the quality of the extensometer, but the method of use.

        When setting up the extension timing, pick up the extensometer gently, clamp the gauge bar spacer between the lever arm and the standard bar, press the two lever arms, make the two blades perpendicularly contact the sample, and use a spring or rubber band to extend the The gauge is tied to the sample, and after installation, take out the gauge distance rod gasket to keep a 0.5mm gap between the moment arm and the gauge distance rod.

 1. The universal testing machine must be checked before the test to avoid damage to the extensometer.
 2. Protect the electronic extensometer, do not drop it, and keep the knife sharp.
 3. Do not remove the screws at both ends of the gauge length bar to prevent unrestricted opening of the two arms, resulting in permanent deformation of the strain gauges and springs, and damage to the extensometer.
It is worth mentioning that some universal testing machine fixtures will generate an initial force when clamping the sample, so remember that the initial force must be eliminated before clamping the extensometer, so that the gauge length clamped by the extensometer is The original gauge length of the specimen in its free state.
In the current situation of increasingly serious homogeneity competition for universal testing machines, companies must learn to walk their own way if they want to achieve rapid development. Only by increasing investment in scientific research and innovation, strengthening our own technology, and improving product quality can we achieve steady and long-term development.