Vulnerable parts of tensile test machine

Vulnerable parts of tensile test machine

After long-term use of the tensile testing machine, such problems may occur. Therefore, customers should often pay attention to accessories, motors, sensors, sheet metal, boards and other vulnerable parts during use. Now we will give you a detailed introduction to accessories, motors, sensors, sheet metal, boards and other vulnerable parts:

Vulnerable part I: accessories of tension machine

The attachment is mainly used to fix the sample. Since the sample is often replaced during the experiment, the clamping force of the sample will change with wear. In addition, because the material of the component is metal, rust, corrosion and other phenomena may occur during long-term use.

Vulnerable part II: motor of tension machine

The utility model relates to an engine in which a motor controls the operation of mechanical components, which is an indirect speed change device of a motor. Although the probability of motor occurrence is not very high, if it is used too frequently, once the temperature is too high, the whole machine will not operate normally. The motor is the soul of the whole component. Due to the CPU of the computer, it is necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of the motor, and clean the motor regularly.

Vulnerable part III: sensor of tension machine

The sensor is a kind of electronic components. In addition to a series of problems caused by the components, the sensor failure Zui is also important. The main problem is the overload of the test force. The chain reaction of some columns caused by the overload, such as machine collision, makes the test machine impossible. The test machine can work normally only by replacing the sensor and calibrating the sensor again. The process between them is very troublesome, and it is a user's process and has to pay a certain amount of capital.

Vulnerable part IV: sheet metal of tension machine