What factors will affect the peel strength test of glue tensile testing machine

What factors will affect the peel strength test of glue tensile testing machine

1、 Stripping angle factor

And repeatedly tested and verified other types of tapes, and came to the conclusion that:

1. When the stripping angle of most tapes is between 120 ° - 150 °, the measured stripping force Zui is small.

2. Between 60 ° and 180 °, the peeling force Zui is large at 180 °. 180 ° stripping force ≈ 2 times of 90 ° stripping force

3. According to the aesthetics of the data and the convenience of the equipment, the stripping force of the tape is often tested at a 180 ° or 90 ° stripping angle in the industry.

4. In practical application, the stripping angles of the tape are not necessarily 90 ° and 180 °, so the stripping force is only one of the reference standards for judging the advantages and disadvantages of the tape and one of the basis for quickly judging whether the product meets the quality standard.

2、 Surrounding environmental factors

Temperature: the temperature resistance is different with different tape formulations, and the peeling force has no obvious law with the change of temperature.

Humidity: humidity will affect the actual contact area between the tape and the pasted object, so it will affect the peeling force.

In the industry, normal temperature and humidity are used as the environment for tape testing.

3、 Stripping speed factor

A. The experimental data show that most tapes are within 120in / min. The higher the speed, the greater the stripping force. When the speed is extremely high, such as 600in / min, it is not very stable.

B. The tape industry routinely tests the peel force at a speed of 12in / min (300mm / min).

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The above are the four influencing factors of peel strength test of glue tensile machine. I hope to help you better operate the electronic tensile testing machine.