What is a constant temperature and humidity-system?

Large, secure, walk-in temperature and humidity control rooms for products requiring uniform conditions.
Pacific Science, LLC offers dependable and quality custom temperature and humidity control rooms and chambers. Each custom temperature and humidity control room is designed to meet exact temperature and humidity requirements and strict ICH and FDA guidelines for active substance stability studies, stress testing, package stability testing, and degradation examinations.  Temperature and humidity control rooms maintain ±0.5% relative humidity control and ±0.2° C temperature control. Constructed using modular insulated panels with either a 32 R-value (4″) or a 40 R-value (5″), these rooms are built for maximum efficiency and uniformity.

From conception to installation, we offer a complete package.
  • Project teams work directly with the client and design teams to create custom-manufactured rooms or chambers to operate at specific temperature and humidity requirements.
  • Before shipping to customers’ sites, PGC tests all systems to ensure product integrity.  
  • Complete on-site installation.
  • On-site start-up instructions and training.
  • Each unit comes standard with an electronic monitoring system that monitors the temperature, relative humidity, saturation, and mechanical outputs.
  • Calibration and PM contracts are available.
  • Standard temperature and humidity rooms include quick lead times for your immediate needs.