what is flushable performance testing machine

Flushable performance testing machine (shaking box) mainly implement GB/T-40181-2021 Test method and evaluation of flushability of non-woven materials for disposable hygiene products
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Product Summary:
Flushable performance testing machine (shaking box) HZ-2063 consists of one or more (preferably 3) plastic boxes with internal dimensions of 43cm long x 33cm wide x 30cm high, fixed in a plane, the plane is driven by cams and levers to oscillate back and forth at a speed of 26r/min. Each plastic box is equipped with a transparent plastic cover to control the splash of water and observe the test process.


Equipment principle
The sample was placed in a shaking box filled with 2L tap water, and after oscillating at a certain frequency and amplitude for 60 min, the sample was transferred to a perforated sieve with an aperture of 12.5 mm, collect the sample left on the perforated sieve of the sieve and weigh it, and calculate the percentage of the dry weight of the sample passing through the sieve to the dry weight of the original sample.

Technical Parameters
1. Porous sieve: The diameter is 20cm, the aperture is 12.5mm, and the edge of the hole should be smooth and not easy to hook fibers.
2. There are 3 containers, up to 3 samples can be tested at the same time
3. Duration of oscillating motion: freely adjustable: 1 - 720 minutes
4. Driving speed: 5 - 50 rpm
5. Filling capacity of the maximum sample container: 3 liters
6. The moving box 100 performs the shaking box disintegration test (FG502), which evaluates the likelihood of the product disintegrating when subjected to mechanical agitation in water. The instrument allows the simultaneous testing of up to three samples, which are tilted back and forth at a predetermined oscillation speed for a preset test time.